QR Code Marketing

What's In a Picture? Fun for Your Customers, More Profit for You

Now customers have a fun and easy way to quickly receive your deals and information. QR Code Marketing opens the door to greater brand awareness, revenues and business success. Simply post your two-dimensional QR Code in all your marketing materials including magazines, in-store signage, flyers, billboards, websites and Facebook fan pages.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with the Industry's Hottest Trend
  • Speed-up the process of growing your opt-in customer database
  • Dramatically increase advertising response rates
  • Broaden your reach and retain more customers
  • Track your success by evaluating the number of scans and mobile sign-ups
  • Measure campaign performance by market segment
Configure Your QR Code to Automatically Connect with Each Scan
  • Replace the chore of typing your mobile keyword with a fun picture-taking experience
  • Make opting-in to your mobile marketing database non-threatening and easier
  • Give customers on-demand delivery of your coupons and latest news
  • A QR code will be automatically generated whenever you create a mobile keyword. When you publish this QR code on any marketing material, people can conveniently opt-in to your list with a simple scan.
  • Pack a wealth of valuable information into a thumbprint-sized box by linking your QR code to a webpage of your choice - like your company profile, promotional event, or Online Sign-up Page.
  • QR codes may be permanent in print, but the linked content doesn’t have to be. Since your QR code is tied to a URL you provide, you can update the web content anytime.
  • Find out how many people are scanning your QR code by linking it to a customizable webpage hosted on our servers.
New to QR Codes?
  1. Step 1: To download a QR Code app for free: Text QRcode to 76000 with your smartphone (skip this step if you already have a QR Code scanner)
  2. Step 2: Open your QR Code app and scan using your smartphone camera
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